Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Has Decided To Cut Purchasing Prices

Tokyo Steel Manufacturing has decided to cut purchasing prices of ferrous scrap delivered to all its steelworks.

Tokyo Steel Manufacturing

Tokyo Steel need no longer keep its buying price high.

According to Tokyo Steel Manufacturing website, the purchasing prices will be reduced by ¥ 100/ton effective.

Tokyo Steel is paying scrap collectors Yen 20,000/mt for H2 grade scrap delivered to its Utsunomiya steel works north of Tokyo, and to its Okayama and Kyushu works in western Japan. Japanese traders are currently paying scrap collectors around Yen 18,000-Yen 19,000/mt FAS for H2 material for export through Tokyo Bay ports.

H2 scrap purchasing prices at various works averaged between ¥ 17,000/ton and ¥ 18,000/ton.

The scrap purchasing prices at Okayama works in Western Japan will be cut by ¥ 100/ton to ¥ 18,000/ton and those in Kyushu works in Western Japan will be ¥ 18,000/ton. Central Japan will be ¥ 17,500/ton, and Takamatsu steel center on Shikoku Island will be reduced ¥ 100/ton to ¥ 17,000/ton. Utsunomiya works in north of Tokyo will now be ¥ 18,000/ton.

According to one trader said, they will wait for Japanese scrap prices fall further.


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