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How To Start Selling Scrap Metal

What do you do with your old appliances…? Your broken computers…? Your empty soda cans? Every time you discard old metal items, you are actually throwing away money!

Every metal product – from patio furniture to broken golf clubs –  has value, and that value is determined by how much metal and what type of metal the item is constructed with.

For example, an old broken aluminum pot is worthless to you as cookware; but as aluminum scrap, it is worth at least a few dollars! Broken Stainless Steel grills are found in landfills all the time, and most people have no idea they are worth up to $100 as scrap metal.

What Items Can I Sell As Scrap Metal?

Answer: Anything constructed with metal! (That includes anything that is electronic or that plugs into the wall.)

If you just opened a can of corn, you can wash out the can and set it to the side. If you are tearing down your old scrap pool, you can sell the frame for a few hundred dollars!

Things you will need to get started:

  1. Someplace to store your scrap metal (can be a box for smaller items, or your garage for bigger items)
  2. Some where to sell your scrap metal (see below “Where to Sell you Scrap Metal”)
  3. Some way to transport your scrap metal(can be anything from a dump truck, to a compact car, to a bicycle)
  4. Some tools to tear down and sort your metal items (optional, but very highly recommended)

As you get more ambitious, you will see why scrap metal recycling is the most common, and profitable, form of recycling.

Saving Your Scrap Metal

The first step in selling your scrap metal is to collect and save any worthless metal items that you don’t want or need. Broken christmas lights (copper wire), old toasters (steel body and copper wire cord), and old car parts are all examples of items worth saving.

Scrap metal can also be salvaged from other types of items: for example, an old wood door often has brass handles and steel hardware. Pull these metal parts and store them in a scrap metal box. (Larger items can be stored in the garage). Then at the end of the month you can sell everything you planned on throwing away to make $20, $50, or even a few hundred dollars.

If you get more interested in recycling scrap metal, you will quickly learn the secrets to what make it most profitable.

Where To Sell Your Scrap Metal

Scrap metals are sold at Scrap Yards. A scrap yard is a business that acts as a middle man between you and a metal refinery (or sometimes a bigger scrap yard.)

There are 5 main points that a beginning metal recycler needs to know about scrap yards:

  1. To sell your scrap metal you need to be at least 16, and have a valid photo ID.
  2. Every scrap yard has different categories and prices for their scrap, and no two scrap yards are the same.
  3. Scrap yards weigh your metal items by the pound, and will pay you after they categorize and weigh your scrap.
  4. Scrap yards compete with each other by offering better pricing in different scrap metal categories.
  5. Scrap yards will take advantage of you if you give them the opportunity to.

Before selling your scrap metal, call around to a few scrap yards to see what their pricing is for aluminum, copper, copper wire, steel, etc. The interaction you have on the phone will be indicative of your experience at the scrap yard; If they have a pleasant attitude and seem helpful, they will most likely be pleasant and helpful when you get to the scrap yard. If they act like you’re wasting their time, then you should try to find someplace a little more customer friendly (especially as a first-timer).

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