Bare, uncoated, unalloyed copper free of tar, corrosion, paint, etc. Used in house decor and roofing.

A good piece of metal to scrap is flashing copper. You can find flashing copper on roofs, gutters and solar panels. Clean flashing copper is clean of paint, solder and rust. Imperfections on flashing copper will make the value lower for the  Flashing Copper Scrap Prices. Scrap your  flashing copper with your local scrap metal yard and get paid for your hard work.

Many home owners ask for flashing copper for decor on their homes like on the roofs, gutters, and other outdoor trimmings. Many times, contractors will come across this material and have scraps of it left over from a previous job. To get a price for it, there must not be any tar or adhesive on the copper.

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